Hey everyone šŸ‘‹ My name is Kat and Iā€™m a complete programming nut.

I was born and grew up in Poland but then later moved to the UK. I love both countries, and my dream is to work remotely, so I could get to visit each one a fair bit. Since my childhood I've always had interest in IT. I started showing my interest in IT since I was 7 years old, and since then I never stopped learning as this became my biggest passion! šŸ”„
My first ever operating system I ever used is MSDOS. From there I learnt first commands and I learnt how computer system works. My first ever programming language I tried is batch programming. It was a time where there was no easy access to the Internet, so I had to figure everything out myself. That time has passed, the technology has changed but this experience gave me a great start towards understanding computer software, hardware and great memories. ā¤ļø
In Poland I have completed 4-year Vocational Technical High School for Computer Science with Diploma. After I arrived in the UK, I continued my journey in IT and completed BTEC Level 3 in IT. I decided to expand my existing knowledge and enrolled to Access to Higher Education in Cloud Computing and I want to study field in more depth to fulfil my dream and become Software Developer. Although most people may feel looking at a computer all day and trying to fix it is boring, I find it challenging and interesting!
Follow me trough my joruney to become Software Developer! :) I hope this website will motivate and help you in your own programming journey! You will find here useful resources that will help you to learn and discover different programming languages.